Mega 파워볼사이트모음 Millions winner

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* Michigan’s largest winner: On March 12th, 2021, a four-member 오래된 파워볼사이트모음 FLL Wolverine Club claimed a whopping 1.05 billion dollar jackpot. A club member simply brought the ticket when they found out that the jackpot was up to a billion dollars. They chose to take the winnings as a cash option, which brought down the prize money to a total of 776 million dollars.

After federal taxes and state taxes, the final take-home 실시간 파워볼사이트모음 amount was 557 million dollars. The store that sold the ticket got a bonus of 50,000 dollars which they humbly donated to the Food Bank Council of Michigan.

* California’s lucky winner: Laarni Bibal did not think much of the ticket she had brought for the June 7th, 2019 mega draw, until she found out that her local grocery store had sold the ticket for the jackpot of 522 million dollars. She chose the cash option and elected to take home the 340 million, before federal taxes.

The best part is that the state of California does not tax any lottery winnings and hence she will only have to pay federal taxes. Her local grocery store, which sold the ticket will also receive a handsome 1 million dollars from Megamillions.

* Indiana’s lucky jackpot winners: Purchasing five random tickets from a gas station of the I70 and winning the jackpot has to be one of the craziest stories of all time, however, that is exactly what happened to one family in Indiana. They claimed the July 8th, 2016 Mega Millions jackpot of 536 million dollars.

They chose to take the lump sum option of 378 million dollars, which will become 271 million dollars after taxes. They were given the prize in a grand ceremony hosted by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
* New Jersey winner who decided to take his chance:  파워볼 The winner from New Jersey for the March 30th, 2018, Mr. Richard Wahl brought the ticket upon the insistence of a colleague who remarked that Wahl never brought a ticket despite crossing the Mega Millionssign daily.

The jackpot is the largest in New Jersey history as it was over 533 million dollars. The jackpot had a lump sum option of 324.6 million dollars before federal taxes. This amount was also incidentally the tenth highest jackpot amount in the history of North America.

All Abоut The Pоwеrbаll

* Co-workers win big in New York: A group of co-workers claimed the largest jackpot in the history of New York, by winning the New Year draw of 2019. The jackpot amount, which was an eye-popping 437 million dollars, 안전한 파워볼사이트모음 is being split by 23 members.

They have decided to take home the lump sum payment of 262 million, which after federal and state taxes become 176 million dollars. The group says they do this every weekend and this was a part of a super pack, where you get tickets for Megamillions Powerball and Lotto.

The retailer who sold the ticket will also get a 10,000 dollar bonus from New York State Lottery for selling the ticket.

Powerball winners

* One of the largest jackpots in New York history: Robert Bailey a New Yorker claimed the 27th October 2018 Powerball jackpot of 343 million dollars. He said he has been playing for 25 years and he has claimed that he has used the same numbers after a family member gave it to him a while back.

He purchased the ticket from a deli in Harlem after only entering the deli as he was stuck in rain. The jackpot 사설 파워볼사이트모음 had a lump sum option of 198 million dollars, which will be approximately 125.4 million dollars after taxes

* Iowa’s largest win: A Lerynne West of Redfield claimed the jackpot of 343.9 million dollars after her ticket matched the winning numbers of the October 27th, 2018 drawing. While her ticket is only actually half the winning as Robert Bailey a New York native claimed his half of the share. West has shared that she brought the ticket after having pizza and coffee with her sister. She decided to buy the ticket on a whim. The retailer from where she picked the lottery will also get a neat 10000 dollar bonus from the Iowa State lottery. The actual jackpot prize was a monstrous 687.8 million dollars. West also chose to get the amount in a lump sum option, which after taxes was approximately 140.6 million dollars.

* A quick pick produces Florida’s 13th jackpot winner: Sheryll Goedert of Florida claimed the January 29th, 2020 drawing of Powerball and its humongous 396.9 million dollar jackpot. The ticket was purchased from a local 7-eleven and the retailer will get a 100,000 dollar commission. Sheryll chose the lump sum payment option, which gives her a neat 276.5 million dollars before taxes. Her winning made it the 13th time a Florida native has claimed the jackpot.

* North Carolina’s largest Powerball win: A 66-year-old man named Charles Jackson has claimed the 344.6 million dollar jackpot. It is the biggest Powerball prize in the history of North Carolina. Charles who said he had been playing for two years with the same numbers was in total disbelief. He did not even realize that his ticket had the winning combination and was under the pretense that he had only matched white balls. It wasn’t until Tuesday, when he checked his ticket he found out that he had won the whole thing. He chose to take the lump sum amount, which was 223.4 million, which became 158 million dollars after taxes. The retailer that sold the ticket will receive a 50,000 dollar bonus from the state lottery commission.

* Wisconsin’s biggest win: A young man by the name of Manuel Franco has claimed the 768 million dollar jackpot from the March 27th, 2019 drawing. He claimed the lump sum option which is around 477 million 파워볼사이트모음 공유 dollars and will get to take home a nice 326 million dollars after state and federal 최상위 파워볼사이트모음 taxes. It marked the 17th time a jackpot winner has come from Wisconsin. Manuel purchased the ticket from speedway in New Berlin. This amount is also Wisconsin’s largest amount. It also happens to be in the top 10 biggest jackpots of all time.

How to play and what to do?

The prospect of winning hundreds and thousands of dollars might have excited you and after hearing the stories of the dozens of people who took home the grand prize, you might be feeling lucky. Here are some tips to help you play the game better and even some to help you out, if you get lucky.

* Choose your numbers when playing. While the quick pick is easy, it is also randomized and you do not feel your gut instinct when picking the numbers.
* As there are 75 numbers, be sure to spread your picks evenly and not clump them up all around one set of numbers. You should look at it from a balance and mathematical point of view. Generally, the rule of thumb pros use is to choose numbers whose sum will be 140.
* Like everything in life, there are patterns and statistics. While it may seem highly randomized there is always a pattern. Check past numbers, statistics, and winners to figure out what are the chances of a win. If you spot a pattern, you have cracked the lottery.
* Buy more than one ticket, this should be a general guideline. The reason is you get 오래된 파워볼사이트모음 to reduce the odds each time you buy a different ticket. We know the odds of winning is 1:292 million, if you have more than one ticket those odds get slashed immediately. So be smart and get a few tickets.

Here are things you should do if you win

* Take your time when claiming the prize. You have a few months before you can claim it so weigh your options and try to hide your identity.
* Get a team of experts, people like lawyers, financial assistants, and accountants can help you get the maximum possible amount.
* You should not tell many people. It is simple advice, but the excitement might get the better of you.

While the odds of you winning are abysmal, there is no harm in trying. Mega Millions Powerball both have a lot of prizes to be won from and even if you do not snag the jackpot, the smaller prizes can still be life-altering. So go ahead, get your tickets today and stay tuned for the drawings on Friday and Saturday, you never know, anyone can get lucky.